Objectives and tasks
  • Baden is a region in the south-west of Germany close to France and Switzerland with wellknown towns like Heidelberg and Baden-Baden. The regional Badenian Federation for social Administration of Justice (Badischer Landesverband für soziale Rechtspflege) is a society of the active social justice associations in the range of the detention release assistance. The member associations promote social tasks of the justice and dedicate themselves in particular to the reintegration of sentenced persons into the society.

    Some member associations maintain living and consulting institutions, where is cared for ex-convicted and detention-dismissed prisoners . Other associations predominantly promote in the economic and financial range of the social work of the court and probation assistance, as well as for the social work during the execution of sentences.

    The associations activity effected in close co-operation with public services and is independent and not associated with a political party. The regional organization and most of the district associations are statutory corporations of the public right.

  • Closer information:

    Statute of the regional organization of Baden ( german )